July 2013 Update

There’s lots going on in the garden-  crops are being harvested weekly and distributed to those in need via food pantries and food banks.  Turnips, beets, lettuce and more have been picked in great quantities. corn, tomatoes, peppers,  and other high season crops are growing nicely.


Spring 2013 Update


April 13-  The garden is well underwayImage–  members of the Garden Committee have been nurturing seedlings in the greenhouse for months, and the cold crop veggies are ready to be planted!  The garden has doubled in size since it’s inception- it now encompasses almost 1/2 an acre.  Thanks to the tireless volunteers, this is shaping up to be the best season yet!

August 7, 2012 Update
















July 28, 2012-A Note From Heidi

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We will be meeting again every Saturday for weekly chores from 9:00 am through 12:00 pm. Please try to attend if you are able there are many chores to accomplish and many of our committee have not been able to attend regularly. Coming for 1 hour shifts is fine.

On a lighter note. A little miracle occurred this week while we were delivering for outreach. When we arrived at the Child Advocacy Center in Central Islip to drop off a basket, there was a gentleman in the parking lot who needed directions to the Community Center to pick up food from the food pantry. The gentleman’s name is Mike Miller. He was having trouble finding the center and had pulled in to get directions. We helped Mike get directions and then asked him if he would like some fresh produce for his family. Mike’s face beemed. He really apprecaited our help. He told us his story which he gave me more details about later that evening. He is recently unemployed out on workman’s compensation due to a tragic work related accident. Mike has been trying with difficulty to afford feeding himself, his wife and two children. Not long ago, he was parked in his truck on the side of the road (a town worker who did landscaping and operated heavy machinery) when a drunk driver drove through a red light and rammed or flipped into his truck. He suffered from a traumatic brain injury as a result of the accident. He was such an honerable and kind person and completely thrilled that God was taking care of him and his family in this difficult time through the garden produce. He will meet me at the Child Advocacy Center each week to receive a basket of vegetables for his family. It was so exciting to see how the Lord brought us to Mike Miller and provided some much needed assistance. We were actually supposed to have been there an hour or so before we got there but the Lord had redirected me several times throughout the morning which caused us to arrive at the exact time that Mike arrived needing directions. Isn’t God amazing!

I hope that this testimony blesses and encourages all of you as much as it has blessed me!

God Bless,
Heidi Lewin

July 21, 2012 Update

Our first harvest was delivered to the Prince of Peace Soup Kitchen and the Holbrook St. John’s Food Pantry! We harvested about 50 lbs. of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, stringbeans and peas.

We will be meeting again Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. for weekly chores.












Heidi’s husband Jim remains in the hospital with complications of his cancer. Please continue to pray for the Lewin family as they go through this most difficult time in their lives. Heidi has been working unceasingly at the garden, but obviously her first priority is her family.

Any help with the garden is especially appreciated to support Heidi and relieve her of concerns about the garden. PLEASE, if you can help in any way, your assistance is urgently needed now! As a committee and a church community, we can pull together and show our love and support.

July 8, 2012 Update


The BBQ/meeting set for July 14 has been POSTPONED. We hope to reschedule it for later in the season.


We need volunteers to sell produce every Sunday (after the 8:00 am service and before the 10:15 am service) begining July 15. If you are on the garden committee and havent been able to help in the garden this is an opportunity to help!

Vegetables are ready to be harvested and washed in preparation for sale. We also need help this week distributing produce to local food pantries and soup kitchens.

Please contact Heidi if you can help with any of this weeks needs.


We will be meeting as usual at 9am Saturday for weekly garden chores. We will be installing tomato fences, and of course weeding. Anyone stopping by mid week, please follow last week’s chore posting- list may not be updated, but chores remain the same.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be setting up a farm stand this year at the Sayville Farmer’s Market . We will revisit this strategy next year.








June 25, 2012: A Message from Heidi

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Halellujia! The Garden is planted! Please stay tuned for an announcement about a celebration and planning meeting barbeque at the church property very soon.
Due to VBS, I haven’t had the opportunity to get up the new list of chores for the week, but last weeks will point you in the right direction. I’ll update them later today. Weeding and mulching are the biggest needs.
God Bless,

June 23, 2012 Update







June 11, 2012: A Message from Heidi

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Thank you to all who were able to pitch in at the garden last week. We have one section remaining that will be planted this weekend. We will meet from 9-12 again and showing up in shifts is fine. For those of you who can’t make it down on Saturday, please go down whenever you are able and check the bulletin board for weekly chores. As you complete them, please write what you have done in our log book in the green house. It is on the first table on the left as you walk in. Also, baby lettuce is available. If you would like to harvest some, please approximate the weight of the lettuce you are taking in the log as well and take it home to enjoy. It is absolutely delicious when it is so young and tender. There will be a scale available to weigh produce soon. God bless,

June 9, 2012 Update





June 2 , 2012 Update

Thanks to all who were able to help out on Saturday. We were able to plant a bed of asparagus and several tomato and eggplant seedlings.

Many of our volunteers have commented that midweek is better to do chores at the garden, and we are happy to have you do that! There is a list of chores posted for the week on the bulletin board ( center island in front of the south end of the garden) Please feel free to go down whenever you can and work on the chores for the week that are on the board.

We will meet again next Saturday June 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to continue planting seeds and seedlings.




Help needed: Saturday June 2, 2012

We are looking for volunteers to plant seedlings and seeds in the garden this Saturday June 2 from 9am to noon. ( Coming for a one hour shift is fine)

If you are interested in watching over and tending to the front garden area by the road please let Bob know. We are looking for volunteers to take care of the front garden on a regular basis. We will be setting up a weeding schedule soon.

Our garden will be part of the 2012 Scavenger Hunt

just a reminder…..next Saturday May 19 the second annual Sayville Scavenger Hunt will be held to benefit the Common Ground, and our garden is a location on the route. Participants locating the garden must identify our clue ( shhhh) to prove they found it. Hopefully this will help spread the word about our garden and our mission.


2012: For the second year we are part of the scavenger hunt……

The community garden will be one of the locations in Saturdays Common Ground Fundraiser scavenger hunt on SATURDAY MAY 19. With a little luck, the participants will decipher the clues and stop by the garden! We need to figure out some identifying feature ( not known unless you’ve been there) so they can prove they found our location.

Just another way to get the word out to the community. Hope it’s a nice day!

Next 2012 Planting Session: May 12

Thank you to all who planted seedlings and seeds on Saturday. So far, the majority of the herbs have been planted, strawberry and rhubarb patches, a full bed of beats and some cabbage and lettuce. There are still many seedlings and seeds to be planted. Please try and join us next Saturday MAY 12 from 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. to help plant more garden beds.

May 2, 2012 Update

Thursday’s planting session at @ 3:00 p.m. has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

Saturday, we will still meet from 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. weather permitting. Please keep an eye on the weather report as much rain is expected over the next several days. Very light rain may not hinder planting, however, moderate to heavy rain will prevent us from working in the soil.

Many of our warm weather vegetables can be started in flats at volunteers homes. If you would like to take a seed packet and flat of potting soil to nurture at home, please let Heidi know. She can help you get set up at our next planting session.

April 28, 2012 Update





2012 St John’s Community Garden Committee Group Photo


April 14 and April 21, 2012 Update

The committee members worked two Saturdays in a row to prepare the soil and plant herbs and cold weather crops in the garden. More seeds were also started in flats. For now, seedlings are being watered by hand with a volunteer schedule; we hope to have the automatic watering system up and running in the next few days ( thanks to Bob, Rex, and Bud). Planting will contine next Saturday April 28, volunteers are asked to come down and plant in one hour shifts.

2012 Girl Scout Silver Award Project

Emily Farrell, one of our Garden Committee Members,and a Cadette Girl Scout, along with other members of her Girl Scout Troop offered to donate wooden garden stakes, a scarecrow, and vegetable information cards to the community garden. The girls proposed this project which will make the garden easier to navigate and more inviting. Using donated materials, the troop members plan on making durable items that can be used year after year.

The Committee voted unanimously to accept this generous gift. We look forward to receiving the finished items, which will certainly beautify the garden.

March 2012 : A minor setback……

There were some problems with the seeds we planted, but we immediately found a source of donated seedlings enabling us to continue uninterrupted with the Lord’s work!

Here are details as relayed by Heidi:

The Lord is so good! This morning, Jim and I went to the Van de Wetering wholesale greenhouses in Jamesport. The manager gave us two flats of FREE seedlings and told us to make up a wish list for next Tuesday. There will be a whole new set of vegetables and flowers that we can choose from. We were able to get a flat of Swiss chard and a flat of pansies, which can go into the ground immediately.

Heidi will be returning to the Jamesport grower next week. Anyone who can make this early morning trip ( they have to be in Jamesport by 6:30 am) please let her know.

We will be planting the cold weather plants we have so far ( over 800 seedlings) in the garden on SATURDAY MARCH 31 starting at 9 am. Many hands make light work so please join us . Thank you again to all our volunteers for your help and prayers.

March 3, 2012 Update….Seed planting continues

it was a rainy Saturday morning, but volunteers were snug in the greenhouse as we gathered to continue seed planting. The seeds are being planted in starter trays, carefully watered, and then covered with a plastic dome creating a mini greenhouse within the greenhouse. Over 70 flats of seeds have been planted so far!

More vegetables, including peppers, lettuces, spinach, and brussell sprouts were planted, along with a variety of flowers and herbs. Seeds are still arriving, so planting will continue through next weekend.














Members of St. John’s Lutheran Church assembled on Saturday, February 25 to start seeds for this years growing season. Volunteers prepared the soil mix and filled the growing trays in preparation for planting seeds. The seedlings will be nurtured in the newly assembled greenhouse on the church’s Broadway Avenue property. Over the next few weeks, tomatoes, lettuce, squash (summer, zucchini, butternut, buttercup, acorn), egg plant, bell and hot peppers, watermelons, herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil) , spinach, garlic, onions, green and purple string beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, potatoes, and assorted flowers will be started.

This is the second year for the church’s community garden; last year it produced an amazing 2200 pounds of produce – the bulk of which was distributed to area families in need through local soup kitchens, food pantries, and outreach centers.

St. John’s Community Garden is an outreach ministry of Sayville’s St. John’s Lutheran Church, exploring and finding solutions in responsible gardening involving church members and friends. For the Lord’s glory we will be good stewards of the the property located at 345 Broadway Avenue providing an attractive, peaceful environment for workers and visitors. We will grow a variety of responsibly grown, ecologically friendly and pesticide free vegetables, fruits , herbs and flowers, sharing the bounty with those in need and each other.


2011 Harvest update: Over 2200 pounds of produce harvested!

July 17 Update

Here are the latest photos

July 10 update: Meet our new “volunteers”

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Our garden is growing by leaps and bounds!  Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with cultivating and weeding.  We harvested our first batch of radishes last weekend-  they were delicious!!

We have now arranged to supply the Patchogue soup kitchen with some of our produce.

A few hundred lady bugs and praying mantis are now hard at work ridding the garden of unwanted bugs.


June 18 update

All the rain we’ve had has really helped our garden get off to a good start!  Still lots of work to do…….

Thought this was appropriate…..


Fellowship Day- June 5


On Sunday June 5, members of St John’s Lutheran Church gathered for a day of fellowship and fun at their recently acquired parcel of land at 345 Broadway Avenue in Sayville.  The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, and members of the congregation gathered for an outdoor service under tents.

After the service, everyone was invited to tour the grounds.  The highlight of the tour was the newly created community garden, containing a variety of vegetables and flowers.  Members of the Community Garden Community worked hard to clean up the garden and have it look its best for its debut.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were served.  A variety of games, including badminton, horseshoes, and croquet were played.  There were also board games for those who preferred to sit in the tents .

Saturday June 4th

Attendance: Lis and Rich Dicce, Bob Bente, Heidi, Jim and Sara Lewins, Bill Kopf, Linda Dier, Lucy Crennan, Cindy and Rex Holden, Pam Fitzpatrick, Libby and Al Hintz, Jim, Emily and Rebecca Farrell, Nick Geraci, Charlie Erb, Bob O’Toole, Pastor Noack

 The group worked hard to prepare the garden and grounds for tommorrow.  Here’s what was accomplished:
 * Fence repaired
*Front garden cleaned and weeded
*Property weed-whacked
* Main garden weeded
* General sweeping and cleanup
* Tents and games set-up.  Portapotties have been delivered.


On Saturday June 4, we will be cleaning up the garden in preparation for June 5. We really want the garden to look its best, please consider coming down and helping us!

PLEASE NOTE: there will be no official garden work Memorial Day weekend…….however, everyone is welcome to come down on their own. If you don’t have the combination for the gate, email us at stjohnscommunitygarden@ymail.com

Our Garden is planted!!!!

Attended: Bob Bente, Bud Macy, Heidi and Jim Lewin, Pam Fitzpatrick, Lis and Rich Dicce

On Friday, May 20, Lucy and Lis went to:

Fantastic Gardens of Long Island, Inc.
67 Avery Ave
Patchogue, NY 11772
631 475 7118

they picked up flats of flowers, vegetables, and herbs at a good discount.

Saturday May 21- so much was accomplished!

* Garden soil prepared
* New post holes dug
* Setup garden shed (donated by Pam)
* Bob picked up a hot house that will store our equipment for now
* Garden fence in place
* Seeds donated by Jim Lewin planted

Tomatoes- several varieties, including beefsteak, grape and cherry






We also planted marigolds and sunflowers.

WE NEED HELP!! Please, anyone wanting to see the garden or help is welcome to go anytime during the week. If you see something that needs to be done, please just do it. We will make up a schedule for tending to the garden within the next few weeks. We do need more people to help since our attendance in dwindling.

Planting begins MAY 21, 2011

Come on down and lend a hand, we need as much help as we can get! May 21 the seedlings will be planted. Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and more!

May 14

Attended: Lucy Crennan, Bob Bente, Bud Macy, Bill Kopf, Rich and Lis Dicce, Pam Fitzpatrick, Heidi Lewen, Chris Abatelli and the youth group

* The property has been plowed, mulch and horse manure has been tilled
* All the debris has been collected and bagged
* Most of the twigs have been shredded
* grass seed was spread in various places and watered
* First aide kit was delivered, and in due time to be used that day
* Front of the property was taken care of
* Lucy, Heidi, and Lis went to a nursery to price plants
* Lucy and Lis will pick up the plants this Friday to be planted on Saturday
* Libby had the soil tested so we can see what we need
* Rows for planting will be finished being plowed this week

Shhhhh…..it’s a secret: we’re part of the scavenger hunt

The community garden will be one of the locations in Saturdays Common Ground Fundraiser scavenger hunt! With a little luck, the participants will decipher the clues and stop by the garden to pick up the flyer proving they’ve been there.

Just another way to get the word out to the community. Hope it’s a nice day!


Harvest update


August 2013 update

Some of the produce harvested from the garden is sold each Sunday between services.
Be sure to check it out!




September 25, 2012-Harvest!!

September 25, 2012

Volunteers at the St. John’s Community garden worked tirelessly to gather the vegetables that have been maturing all season in their community garden on Broadway Avenue. This is the second growing season for the garden, tended by garden committee members of Sayville’s St. John’s Lutheran Church. The garden is nestled on a former garden center plot on the east side of Broadway’ land now owned by St. John’s Church.

For a young garden, the harvest is truly amazing! In weekend alone, committee members picked and cleaned over 600 pounds of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, celery, squash and much more! To date, over 1600 pounds of produce have been gathered, the vast majority of which has been distributed to food pantries helping Long Islanders in need. With only one extra bed added this season, the gardens output looks like it will surpass last year’s total, which was an impressive first -year harvest of 2200 pounds.

The garden is an almost year-round commitment for the garden committee members who began planning in January for the 2012 season. Seeds were started in February and March, and by June the garden was fully planted and cold crop veggies had been harvested and distributed. This year, an anonymous donor offered to pay the garden’s electric bill, for which the members of St John’s Lutheran church are very grateful.

Throughout the spring and summer, members of the garden committee performed the myriad of sometimes backbreaking garden chores that have to be done. Things like, prepping the beds, mulching, weeding, all those repetitive tasks every home gardener is familiar with, but on a larger scale! Much of the equipment and tools used in the garden is donated, including garden markers and a scarecrow, created by a local Girl Scout Cadet Troop and donated as a Silver Award project.

As the season progresses and vegetables ripen, they are picked, cleaned, and prepared for distribution. Church members offer the produce for sale every Sunday after church services, with all proceeds going back into the “farm fund”. Remaining produce is delivered, again by volunteers, every Monday to a number of local food pantries, spanning the island from Bayshore to Holbrook and beyond.








August 26, 2012 update

Volunteers continue to meet every Saturday from 9am-noon. we have an abundance of tomatos, peppers, eggplants,squash, and more! Many hands are needed to gather- please join us as we enter the harvest season.